May 19 | 2014

MultiMania Conference 2014

Despite our work in the hideout being top secret, our SuperHeroes occasionally enter the real world to share their knowledge of their special digital power.

Tomorrow, our Motion Graphics Lead and VFX Supervisor, Fred Huergo, will grace the keen creative students at Multi-Mania in Kortrijk, Belgium with his presence.

The annual conference brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and creative new media students. The main outcome of the conference is to get inspired, share knowledge and connect with the creative community. We love everything the event stands for and Fred is very excited to add to the students’ experience.

His topic? The magnetism of motion graphics: the attractive force linking art and technology. While motion graphics has always been a mash-up of creativity and technology, Fred argues that the future lies in the marriage of these two disciplines and will even reveal his recipe to generate 3D pasta using mathematical formulas.

If you’re attending the event, you can see Fred on 20th May 10:45am Room 2.
Or watch the live stream.

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