April 19 | 2018




You always need some luck with a pitch. But you can’t just rely on luck, you have to go above and beyond. And that’s exactly what we tried and thankfully succeeded at. After an elaborate pitch, we were named lead agency of Eurojackpot. And we’re stoked!!!


Eurojackpot is a European lottery where you can win a Jackpot of anywhere between 10 to 90 million euros every Friday night for 2 euros per ticket. Eurojackpot is part of the Nederlandse Loterij, the brand behind the well-known Dutch lotteries like Staatsloterij, Lotto, Miljoenenspel, Krasloten, Lucky Day and Toto.


Arno de Jong, director Brand & Portfolio at the Nederlandse Loterij: “Eurojackpot has seen strong growth and can be considered our portfolio’s diamond in the rough. That’s why we want to progress with a somewhat rebellious approach. With SuperHeroes, we have full confidence that we’ll achieve this goal.”


Django Weisz Blanchetta, managing director at SuperHeroes Amsterdam: “We’re not only developing a smart innovative campaign. We’re all playing, of course. We’re going to win that jackpot ourselves.”


The new campaign is in full development. Look out for updates about our collaboration on our social channels!

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