October 10 | 2011

New! Little Bottle Big Story

The SuperHeroes have yet done it again… Today we release Little Bottle Big Story! A project for Yakult Europe we – with the help of billions of little helpers – have been working on for a mighty long time…

Come fly with us over a miniature scale model of 1930s Japan across time and space to modern day Europe. Deep into the intimate workings of the human digestive system, shooting out over Holland with a flourishing finish slippy slidin’ down the beautiful throat of a healthy young woman…

This is the epic journey of Yakult – the little bottle with the big story. We were commissioned to create an interactive experience explaining what Yakult is made of for their factory tour. As soon as we started researching, we realized there’s a more interesting story to tell and we developed a much deeper interactive journey to bring their whole brand to life. After the international launch, the experience is gonna be localized and launched in a great number of countries.

Watch the full story at http://www.littlebottlebigstory.com

How did them Superheroes do it? Here’s the ‘making of’:

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