July 8 | 2011

New Super Girl Intern!

Well we have a new intern in the SuperHero office – meet Katryna, our new design intern!

“In a nutshell, Im an American studying in Sweden, interning in The Netherlands. I’m a fresh graduate in traditional design from Ringling College of Art & Design and I’m now studying Digital Media at Hyper Island in Sweden. I have a passion for graphic design and typography – and loving the new world of digital and interactive design! Hailing from the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, I’m here to work with big ideas and do big things!

So about figuring out my very own superhero name…. Im going to have to go with Deathwish. Long story short – a 7 year version of me loved gymnastics, but wasn’t the most graceful of the bunch. At Hyper Island they always teach us to “dare to fail” – and I like to think Iv always had that in me. Im SUPER excited about my time here at SuperHeroes and the exciting projects to come! This clumsy Deathwish is going to try and do some damage”.

See more of Katryna’s work here: Jonesingfordesign.com

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