March 28 | 2023

Street art goes digital for global Lenovo launch

Street art has been around for 50 years already… But have you ever met its younger sibling? For the global launch campaign of the Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i, an Intel® Evo™ design, we’ve enlisted the help of the world’s top 3D creators to introduce what we’re calling: digital street art.

Unexplored potential

This emerging type of mixed reality execution, is growing in popularity on social media, and is being made by the generation that’s become experts at blending their digital and physical lives. The global campaign includes work from a mix of up and coming and established TikTok and IG creators like  @origiful, @hati.hati.mas, @Shanef 3d , @eravfx , @marblemannequin, @mreGFX, @shutterauthority  and @scaprendering.


No building is off limits, no wall is safe

Digital street art extends reality by mixing real world footage with 3D assets, transforming murals, architecture, subways, and cities across the world. Unbound by physics or cumbersome VR goggles, our brains are the interface and the world is just one big canvas.


What happens when a street artist teams up a 3D artist?

In an unlikely collaboration, we brought together VFX Artist Shane Fu, and Bushwick Collective street artist Douglas Hoekzema to create a mural that blurs the line between real life and digital. We documented their experience in a short film: Coding on Concrete: The Rise of Digital Street Art, which will be featured on the global creative platform It’s Nice That.

The short film documents the two artists creating a digital version of a street art mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with Shane Fu revealing how he uses the powerful Lenovo Yoga Pro in developing his artform.

Watch what happens when creators, AI and computer power come together… soon to be trending on your social feed. 


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