February 20 | 2023

OnePlus launches its new phone in the future with SuperHeroes

The campaign demonstrates how the smartphone is designed to keep a fast, smooth experience up to 4 years from purchase, by sending it to the future.

Global technology company OnePlus launched their new flagship phone this week across Europe. Where smartphones usually are subject to significant performance issues after 2.5 years of usage, the new OnePlus 11 is specifically designed to keep a fast, smooth experience for 4 years.


The European launch campaign was created by SuperHeroes Amsterdam and demonstrates how the OnePlus 11 is future-proof, by sending it to the future in a time machine.

Enjoy a tour of the machine via the campaign video below:


Collaborating with acclaimed design atelier Studio Job, a 6×4.5 meter time machine with four test stations was made. Each station artificially ages the phone for 4 years through heavy usage. 

The first test uses robot hands to scroll the hundreds of kilometers you would normally scroll over four years. Another mimics the 4 years of guaranteed software updates, and a third opens and closes 44 apps to showcase the device’s continued smooth performance. The final station puts the battery to the test by using a massive battery to constantly charge and discharge the phone.


Celina Shi, Chief Marketing Officer at OnePlus said, “The OnePlus 11 is built to last for the future, and it is our most powerful performance-based device to date. It has been meticulously built to offer a fast and smooth experience for years to come. The time machine is an engaging, interactive way to demonstrate the device’s future-lasting capabilities.


We really wanted to bring to life the OnePlus 11’s unique KSPs and rigorous testing procedures in a way that made sense but would really draw peoples eyes. And so time machine J.E.F.F. – Jumping Eleven Forward into the Future – was born. A perfect example of saving the world from boring advertising, says Sam Moore, Senior Creative & Copywriter at SuperHeroes Amsterdam.

The interactive time machine went on tour to Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki, and is starring in the integrated campaign that will run in 5 markets (Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) from this month onwards. This is SuperHeroes’ first campaign for OnePlus Europe, after winning the account last November.




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