November 23 | 2010

Online Video Summit 2010

It’s unbelievable how many videos are watched online. We’re talking about 31 billion videos ¬†just in November 2010, in the USA. And more than 1 billion in the Netherlands… Online video has become a true mass medium.

At SuperHeroes we are passionate about online video. But we are also on a mission to better the understanding and use of online video. Currently, many TV-commercials are simply adapted or shortened into pre-rolls. As we’ve shown earlier, interactive online video can be so much more engaging and effective. At this years’ Online Video Summit SuperHero Rogier will talk about our ideas and inspiration.¬†Interactivity is online’s greatest asset, so let’s use it.

SuperHeroes is also creative partner of the Online Video Summit 2010 and created the visual material for the event. Or more so: Alvaro morphed Ameli in to video girl. Scary stuff!

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