March 6 | 2020

Our latest Attention Talk: Making brands break a sweat

In the fight for attention, how effective is marketing through sports?


Whether you’re in the game or not, 2020 will be a year of sports. From the Tokyo Olympics and Euro2020 to Dutch high hopes in the Tour de France and on Formula1 tracks around the world. But does sports marketing still pay off in today’s cluttered media landscape, with sport subscription models and rights-protected content? 

Our Attention Academy took stock at the Amsterdam hideout where three keynote speakers from the world of sports marketing uncovered sports marketing as an effective way to engage with consumers and build living brands.

Being the post-advertising agency, we’re always searching for ways for our brands to cut through. Sports is one of them: so with our Attention Academy we found the right way to inspire and educate our fellow industry members with the right set of tools.

Last night’s line-up was full of anecdotes and stories, backed with powerful stats and figures – never again will we ignore sports as a marketing tool.

Richard Denton (Cruyff Institute), Pieter Kuijpers (Triple Double Sport Marketing) and Jaap Schneider (Lusus Media), together with our creative director Niek Eijsbouts, showcased how brands can truly win the hearts and minds of consumers through sports. 

Next Attention Talks are being planned, for both Amsterdam as well as New York. Stay tuned for more!


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