May 25 | 2017

Refugee Emojis in Stedelijk Museum

We’re  honoured to announce that the Refugee Emojis that we have created for UNHCR and Doctors without Borders have been selected for a special exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum, the famous Amsterdam museum for modern art.




The exhibition is called SOLUTION OR UTOPIA? DESIGN FOR REFUGEES. It presents almost 50 practical design solutions to the situations faced by refugees. From clothing that can double as a tent, to improved signage in a refugee camp, and from linkable plastic floor sections for temporary shelters to a digital service that helps refugees navigate their new environment. A number of items have also been designed by refugees, like the Refugee Flag for the Olympic team (by Syrian Yara Said).





The exhibition is open from 20 May to 3 Sep 2017. For more info visit the website of the Stedelijk Museum.

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