July 5 | 2017

Regelneef: the no bullshit app

The only thing this app manages is your energy usage, nothing else



For energiedirect.nl, one of the biggest energy providers in The Netherlands, we developed the name, identity and online introduction for their new app ‘Regelneef’. A name Google Translate can’t help you with, but which means something like “the guy who gets it done”. Your clever little cousin, perhaps?


So what is Regelneef? With this new app every energiedirect.nl customer can settle any energy hassle straight from their pocket. And the good thing: the app is utterly simple. Regelneef only shows you the important functions you need. It won’t give you a salary increase, connect you to the Dalai Lama or predict sunny weekends. But it can lower your monthly fee, let you chat with an employee and with a smart prediction tool, it helps you avoid surprises on your yearly invoice.


Well done cousin, well done.



Are you with energiedirect.nl? You can download the Regelneef app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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