May 14 | 2014

Rogier Vijverberg confirmed as Cannes Lions speaker

With the buzz around
Cannes Lions hotting up, we can tell you some very exciting news!

Our Creative Director Rogier Vijverberg, will be covering his spandex suit with something a little smarter, to address the audience at Cannes. Yes, that’s right, Rogier has been invited to share his superpowered wisdom, knowledge and thoughts with the world brightest minds in the beautiful French city!

Together with our Swiss/ French artist friends Ben & Julia (who we worked with for Diesel), Rogier will discuss and visualise his topic, Make Innovation Feel Fluffy.

Technology is improving the world. But will it make our lives more enjoyable? To do so, we SuperHeroes believe tech needs to become more humane. Is this something we can really expect from the tech geeks? Or is it the collaboration of artists and advertising that will humanize innovation? Our Cannes keynote will show how bits and bytes and nuts and bolts can be replaced by creativity and feathers.

Bon Voyage Rogier!

Going to Cannes? You can catch the talk Thursday 19 June 15:00 – 15:45 SUPERHEROES: MAKE INNOVATION FEEL FLUFFY

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