February 28 | 2016

Saving the world #2: Kristof Luyckx


We’re rapidly spreading our mantra ‘Saving The World From Boring Advertising’. After last month’s world premiere of Gijs van den Berg, this next contribution is from Belgium. The renowned animator/ illustrator Kristof Luyckx from Partly Fiction made some razor sharp work. And without spilling a single drop of blood.


His piece would easily fit on page 3 of the Daily Bugle from March 1, 1954. But Kristof wouldn’t be Kristof if he not also turned it into a cool video. This 17 second animated beauty exactly represents what we mean when we talk about advertising that is always on repeat and never paid attention to. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the small details in this one. Enjoy.



This contribution is part of a new visual series we run in 2016. We’re asking artists, art-directors and designers from around the world to create a visual that answers one triggering question: “How to save the world from boring advertising?”

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