March 3 | 2016

We’re Going BOS




We have a new client! BOS Ice Rooibos has chosen SuperHeroes and our sister agency GreatQuestion! to superboost their growth in Europe. You may not have heard of BOS yet, but you will soon: BOS is the fastest growing brand in Europe’s Ice Tea category…


Not just an ice tea

In its home country of South Africa, BOS rose to legend status in record time, leveraging colourful ‘Afro-pop’ to bring a brand new style to shelves. Recently BOS also struck a deal with retailer Albert Heijn, granting it access to 900 points of sale in the Netherlands, which is the opening salvo to conquer France, Belgium, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.


We’re going BOS

Marie van Niekerk, BOS’ marketing director mentioned: “We love the approach of SuperHeroes to save the world from boring advertising and we also believe in creating ways of engagement with our audience that brightens up your day and is above all lots of fun!”


Expect to see a lot more from BOS near you this summer…





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