September 30 | 2011

Seamail to Mark: No Facebook without the Dutch

To mark the re-opening of the Dutch National Maritime museum, SuperHeroes shipped in with OneBig Agency/ CCCP to develop the introduction campaign for the museum. We set out on the task to prove with conclusive evidence ‘beyond a shadow of a doubt’ that without Dutch medieval maritime prowess there would simply be no Facebook. At Superheroes HQ in Amsterdam, it was all hands on deck to create an animated adventure out of a nautical letter to Master and Commander, Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook/ saviour of the human race) explaining how the Dutch brought his parents, and great great grand parents together, inspired his love affair with programming, and even saved his life – all in the most insane non sensical, mind bending logic physically possible – indeed.

The Dutch and their maritime efforts have been instrumental in shaping the world we live in today and we hope this video will, by rewriting the history books, bring that point to life in its own round about way.

Come, set sail, expand your mind and enjoy a┬ávery pleasant video… indeed.

And of course, do like this one we produced as well:

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