October 24 | 2017

She has a pet fish called Domino: Meet Libby!


We are very happy to present to you our new SuperHeroes. In this blog series you get to know more details about every one of them. We want to introduce Libby. She is our newest producer all the way from Chicago!


What are your superpowers?

Super efficiency and super organisation! Aaand also making pizza magically disappear….


What is your personal mission?

My personal mission is to shake. things. up. I like to constantly question why things are, or have to be, a certain way and how they can be refreshed and improved.


What’s on your Spotify playlist?

A mix of everything, but lots of ZHU, Years & Years, and Drake for when I need to focus and really crush some work.


What IG profile would you recommend to follow and why?

Cash cats (@cashcats) or Corgi Butt Official (@corgibutt_offical). Fun fact: corgis have underrated, hilarious butts.


If your batmobile should be sponsored by one brand which one would it be and why?

My batmobile should be sponsored by ‘illy’ because it probably runs on coffee just like me!


Which apps are in your iPhone’s bottom row?

WhatsApp, Email, and MAPS….I’m always getting lost!


What emoji do you relate to the most and why?

I think the little ghost one that is sticking its tongue out, cause its funny and a little bit weird and it just kinda has its hands up laughing like “woo!”

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