September 18 | 2014


Hundreds of crazy pieces of content. Dozens of exclusive gigs tickets and provocative opportunities across Europe, all tailored around an online instrument named THE TICKET. Together with Converse and Anomaly Amsterdam we’re happy to present you our latest creative project: SNEAKERS WOULD.

Timed against the launch of the Fall 2014 Converse All Star sneaker collection, SNEAKERS WOULD is encouraging creative spirits to cast aside their inhibitions and choose an exciting, spur of the moment path.

The innovative interactive platform The Ticket – a Chrome and Firefox extension – is bridging the gap between Converse’s fans online and a vast array of impulsive, “now-or-never” opportunities in their cities. The Ticket is transforming boring parts of the Internet into an exciting world of sneaker opportunities and content like films, games, GIFs and images. Those who are always willing to live in the now will benefit the most.

The #sneakerswould campaign is inspired by the rebellious ethos of the Chuck Tailor All Star. It will pop up to users unpredictably in London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam throughout the months of September and October.

Transform your Internet right now – #sneakerswould

Download The Ticket here:

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