December 11 | 2013


It’s a common conception that men can’t multitask right? Well here at SuperHeroes we were ready to put that theory to the test. Our latest film ’So Viral It’s Scary’ documents an experiment with an award winning film director called Don Arnold, turning a video game store into a haunted house. Can unsuspecting gamers handle the horrifying distractions, or it will it be… game over?

As the film director plans to use scare tactics, including hidden compartments, killer dogs and psycho clowns to prank his victims,  the joke is well and truly turned on himself. You know, even with the perfect multitasking tool (the LG IPS 21:9 UltraWide monitor), it’s still not easy to going viral J.

Global viral hit ‘So Real It’s Scary’

‘So Viral It’s Scary’ is the next installment of our successful ‘So Real It’s Scary’ viral prank series. The previous films in the series have collectively gathered over 45 million views and counting.

Prankvertising is the future?

Not really. But we do enjoy it and the public as well – in the first two days we’re already on 1,8 million views again! Prankvertising itself however,  is only the future if it keeps on adapting. We responded to the challenge by turning the prank on ourselves. So what’s next?

The film was directed by Carl Sundemo from Hobby Film.

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