March 21 | 2016

Spot-a-Superhero at Creative Review

Creative review screenshot Marieke (Best of the Web


Our very own super-strategist Marieke Dekker can now be found at Creative Review!
She will be satisfying our collective appetite for internets by curating FWA’s massive selection of cases on a monthly basis in Creative Review’s best of the web section.


Whilst you’re making your first brew of the day, Marieke will be wading through the deluge of slush the net unrelentingly throws at us. When you’ve found your seat, your therapeutic ball or superiority cloud with matching standing desk; Marieke will have dug out the golden nuggets of the interwebs.


So when you’re ready to ingest some infobahn, just pick up Marieke’s blog at Creative Review.

Go get it, right now and monthly from here on out at:






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