April 6 | 2020

Spreading positive energy for energiedirect.nl

We don’t go into quarantine to find the best energy deal. That’s why, together with our client energiedirect.nl, we came up with the idea of providing the Netherlands with some positive energy to get through these uncertain times. From lonely grandparents to exhausted homeschoolers, from delivery drivers to those working from home, and for all of us who miss our loved ones and our normal lives, it seems that everyone at the moment could use an energy boost.

We asked a wide variety of Dutch people to record their own personal video message to all of you. We placed these into the smartphone of our famous energiedirect.nl character Klaas and there you have it: a series of positive energy messages, injected into radiospots and Instagram stories. Conceived and produced in only one week’s time and fully built from our own SuperHeroes’ homes.


Bar owner Kees, from Amsterdam:


Singer-songwriter Nando, from Haarlem:


Emmeke, full-time mother of 3:


Jordi, sports instructor from Diemen:


Grandma Jet, from Oldenzaal:


And the 8-yr old Mae, from Amsterdam, reaching out to her grandparents:

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