May 1 | 2011

Stitch Yourself

Remember our friend Stitchy? The new Facebook campaign for TakeCareNow! (the youngster brand of health insurer Agis)¬†is up and running with already more than 4000 fans. After the adventures in Mexico that left him scared for life, Stitchy now wants to make sure you don’t do the same. Or at least not without the proper health insurance of TakeCareNow!…

SuperHeroes and YoungWorks have now launched a second app in the Stitchy campaign. Wondering what your face would look like with a few stitches? The good news: you don’t first need to be run over by a Mexican truck. Just Stitch Yourself in our app. We’ve seen some really funny and creepy pictures already. Are you next?

Stitch yourself here.

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