February 1 | 2011

Our Super SideKick Matt

You know Robin. Bucky. Wonder girl. Speedy. Without their sidekicks many superheroes would not be so super. So we have Matt. Here he is, telling you about what’s under his beanie…

“I’m one of the first generations to be surrounded by the internet and new media in my upbringing. I picked up Photoshop at the impressionable age of 14. Then playing around with website design and all that good stuff it got me to where I am today. Officially I’m the Motion Graphics Intern, but I also study Digital Media Design at Huddersfield University, UK. So I cover a large range of different aspects of digital!

I’m pretty much online constantly either reading or working. I find it important to stay up to date with current technology because it will inevitably change the job we work in, along with keeping up to date with different skillsets within digital. At the tender age of 20 I’ve already managed to learn a lot but I have a lot more to go! So I’m looking forward to the rest of the year at SuperHeroes!”

See more of Matt’s work here: http://www.mattwhitewood.com/

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