June 27 | 2019

SuperHeroes Amsterdam appoints Marc Pieterse to Head of Strategy

Marc Pieterse has been appointed to Head of Strategy at SuperHeroes Amsterdam. He previously worked as a Strategy Director at Ogilvy and N = 5. Marc started in advertising 15 years ago at N = 5, where he developed into an impassioned brand strategist on accounts such as KPN, Mercedes-Benz, and Marktplaats.


Marc was responsible for the famous Telfort campaign that transformed the brand from a price slasher into a full-fledged brand that customers could greatly benefit from.

After a year of working on campaigns for Netflix, Essent, ASUS, Eurojackpot and energiedirect.nl at SuperHeroes, and learning to understand digital buzz words, he was appointed to Head of Strategy.


“So much is happening in the world of advertising and that change is really embraced here. We now call ourselves the ‘post-advertising ad agency’ (wink, wink ;))

With the combination of the agency’s digital DNA and my solid brand strategic background, we offer brands a magical combination of strategic superpowers full of innovation and with a strong focus on creating awareness for the brand in the current fight for attention.

At SuperHeroes we have the ambition to really advance the profession”, says Marc.


Founder/managing director Django Weisz Blanchetta adds: “Our Amsterdam Strategy team is accelerating quickly with Marc at the helm. Together with Geoff Desreumaux, our strategy lead in New York, we have developed a strategic and creative approach which is having an impact both in the Netherlands and globally.”

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