July 10 | 2019

SuperHeroes develops the first international campaign for Swapfiets


The iconic blue front tire can no longer be missed in our street scene. Swapfiets is widely known in the Netherlands in the cycling cities in the Netherlands. To further expand their success, Swapfiets and SuperHeroes Amsterdam are launching an international campaign to tie the cycling ‘young professional’ to the brand with the addition of the new Deluxe bicycle.


Not just in the Netherlands, but in more than 20 cities in Belgium, Germany and Denmark where Swapfiets is active.


It is the first international brand campaign for Swapfiets and its subscription-bicycle proposition. The essence of the campagne is that Swapfiets unburdens you. You no longer have to worry about repairs or maintenance of the bike, so you have the freedom to do all the other things that you find fun and important. Naturally, the iconic blue front tire stands out in all the colorful images.


The campaign consists of an extensive outdoor campaign in the cities concerned. There is also a digital campaign with a strong focus on social storytelling.



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