June 5 | 2015

SuperHeroes launches GreatQuestion! – – – The digital first PR agency

We’re happy to present GreatQuestion! 

Our new digital first PR agency – part of the SuperHeroes group.

Great Question logoGreatQuestion! has been established in order to help brands bridge the – increasingly blurred – gap between PR and social, and bring an extra shot of creativity and innovation to both disciplines.  Influencers are no longer simply journalists and bloggers, they can be anyone within their own social circle. The agency brings together a team of experts to answer the new demands of communicating effectively with an increasingly online audience.

GreatQuestion! as a PR and social media unit is about more than checking boxes. It’s about going above and beyond in terms of integrated working. To help clients make sense of the blurred lines between PR and social, and bring extra creativity to both fields.

Leading by example, Paula den Dunnen (former communications director at Tesla) sums it up: ‘With GreatQuestion! we extend PR to the level of you and me. We have developed a signature approach in which we seamlessly integrate PR, social and events. From generating expert reviews by journalists and bloggers to inspiring personal stories of prospects and fans; we don’t leave any source untapped. 24/7 interacting everywhere, we’re on it.’

Oh, you bet they’re on it. 

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