June 26 | 2018

SuperHeroes New York, Canon USA create launch film for world’s first AI bounce technology

What do trampolines and photographers have in common? They both love a good bounce.

When it comes to photography, the perfect bounce flash helps give that big-time professional studio look when shooting indoors. However, it’s a technical skill that’s tough to pull off, and just like bouncing on a trampoline, if you aren’t doing it right…it shows.


Bounce like a pro

Bouncing just got easier thanks to the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI, which features the world’s first Auto Intelligent (AI) Bounce technology, allowing even a novice photographer to bounce like a pro. To help Canon USA introduce the very technical product to their target of mid-level photographers, SuperHeroes New York was tapped in helping create a playful launch film.



Directed by Pete Marquis, the film tickles your funny bone. Featuring Carly Ann Filbin and Sarah Smallwood Parsons, two rising stars from New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade, the spot uses physical comedy and a bit of misdirection to get to the bottom of this whole bouncing thing.

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