November 30 | 2022

SuperHeroes NY launches first TV campaign for Catalina Crunch

Catalina Crunch, America’s fastest growing keto-friendly cereal and snack brand, today launched its first US nationwide TV-campaign. Created in collaboration with  SuperHeroes NY, and marketing decision-making platform System1, the 30-, 15- and 6-second spots will be featured across TV, social media and streaming platforms, initially in select major markets throughout the US.

Zero sugar? That’s Yum-believable!

“Catalina Crunch is proof that cereals and snacks can be healthy and delicious, though at first that might seem unbelievable,” said Krishna Kaliannan, Founder and CEO of Catalina Snacks Inc.. “This campaign leans into the unbelievable to showcase that we’re decidedly different. We look forward to winning new fans who are looking for great-tasting alternatives to traditional high-sugar and high-carb products.” 


Saving the world from boring advertising

It’s our mission to save the world from boring advertising. Not just because that’s what this world needs, but also because less boring leads to more brand success. In a saturated market and a busy shopping aisle it is hard to stand out, especially when you are competing with the big box cereal brands. While the demand for healthier food options is rising, people still tend to think that if something is healthy, it can’t also be delicious. A delicious cereal with zero sugar? That seems impossible. But then again, the world is full of surprises… Using this as the premise, we’ve created a template for a series of ads showing how Catalina Crunch is YUM-believable!

Connecting data with creativity

To ensure the campaign will resonate well with the general population as well as health-conscious consumers, SuperHeroes leveraged System1’s Test Your Ad platform to gauge how viewers felt about the creative throughout the development process. Its FaceTrace® technology showcases the second-by-second emotional response to ads and the platform also details the reasons for these emotions. System1’s Star Rating, on a 1 to 5-Star scale, predicts long-term effectiveness of advertising to guide brand-building efforts.  

“We love to connect data with creativity, so bringing an out-of-the-box concept together with System1’s behavioral science-backed approach made perfect sense,” said Susan Vugts, “The testing brings so much value to the creative process because it enables us to finetune our ideas based on real audience insights.”

“Effective campaigns built on storytelling and other right-brain elements like humor enable challenger brands to drive profit and market share growth,” said Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer at System1. “We’re proud to have helped Catalina Crunch and SuperHeroes develop a truly unique campaign that aligns with the brand and connects well with viewers.”

Have a look at the It’s Yumbelievable 30′ story below


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