December 4 | 2016

SuperHeroes takes over Eurobest 2016 in Rome

Every year in December people from all over Europe come together at the Eurobest festival to celebrate the best in European creativity. It’s the only festival of ideas that moves around Europe and, with a lecture each year, SuperHeroes follows wherever it roams.


This year it took place in Rome. In the birthplace of modern civilization our creative directors Rogier Vijverberg and Niek Eijsbouts showed a crowd of marketers and creative experts how they should follow their animal instinct in order to create great advertising.


Biology outsmarts media buy
By knowing the mechanisms of animal instinct we can create campaigns that people will choose to follow. How birds seduce, how a herd of sheep behaves and how crocodiles build their surprise attack all show great similarities with our daily digest of ads. And like in nature boring brands will eventually die out.  




Like at Eurobest 2015, SuperHeroes continued its legacy of being a great closer of Eurobest. Now open up to your inner animal and get back to work in the real advertising jungle!


20161202164900-eurobest-ph-cfaruolo 20161202165236-eurobest-ph-cfaruolo


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