September 20 | 2016

The X-Ray: Camiel Bulder


We are very happy to present to you our new SuperHeroes. In this blog series you get to know more details about every one of them. Let’s start with Camiel Bulder, strategist, who came over from KesselsKramer.



What are your superpowers?

“I have this rare condition my friends call Camielopedia, which sometimes causes me to blurt out random trivia about any given subject.”

What is your personal mission?

“To use data for inspiration instead of validation.”


What’s on your Spotify playlist?

“Under ‘Recently played artists’ are listed: Chassol, Hall & Oates, Frank Ocean, TLC, Charles Mingus and Fetty Wap.”


Which visual artist do you get inspired by?

“My life has never been the same since I walked into Mirosław Bałka’s installation ‘How it is’ in Tate Modern seven years ago.”

If your batmobile should be sponsored by one brand which one would it be and why?

“Sell it to the highest bidder, so probably”


Which apps are in your iPhone’s bottom row?

“Phone, Safari, Gmail, Messages. Most frequently used apps in my first screen are Wunderlist, Instapaper, Downcast and the ING app.”


What would you ask Elon Musk when you sit next to him in the Hyperloop’s first ride?

“Did you know that a human head weighs eight pounds?”
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