September 4 | 2020

One autocorrect mistake turned us into SuperHerpes

Owing to the recent pandemic, STI checks have been steadily on the decline. While recent data shows that cases have been sky-rocketing, in both Europe and the US (Syphilis cases alone have gone up 40% in the US). The primary cause: unprotected sex. That’s why we wanted to make the biggest statement possible and change our name to ‘SuperHerpes’ on World Sexual Health Day.

The name change stems from an accidental ‘autocorrect’ text sent by one of our fellow heroes (to be unnamed). Which inspired us to make the rather extreme move.

Additionally, we’ve released a ‘pubic service’ announcement campaign. With ads that hand out free condoms, and while we were at it, an updated agency website to promote good sexual health practices.

To find out more, visit And don’t forget: Slip on protection, don’t slip up. 



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