November 1 | 2011

Would the Dutch have spoken Spanish?

What would the Netherlands have looked like without Dutch Maritime history?

Two weeks after releasing our viral video Seamail to Mark, we once again got all eyes on the opening of the completely renewed Het Scheepvaartmuseum (the Dutch Maritime Museum). We took over the most popular Dutch news website, making clear that without our maritime history we might still have belung to the Spanish empire, as we did back in the 16th century.

How? Pull the plug and… changes into, thé Spanish news page of the 21st century! Bringing you all the news like it could have been, if the Dutch would still have been under Spanish control. Featuring the Spanish governor of the Lowlands: the Duchess of Alva; the famous sculptor Beatriz von Lippe-Biesterfeld; the celebrated Spanish goalgetter Wesley Esnaíder, and many more…

The radical take-over turned out to be one of the most successful ever. In one day it attracted enormous amounts of tweets and almost 100.000 visitors, were on average a take-over does around 15.000…

Curious? Here’s the landing page: And the full take-over on is still here.

Like the Zuckerberg viral, we also produced this one together with OneBigAgency and CCCP.

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