June 27 | 2023

Meet Flaco: the AI Creative Director Owl

Introducing an exciting new hero at our agency!

We hired Flaco, the world’s first AI owl, as a new Creative Director. Flaco’s first day featured a special appearance at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity where she wowed the audience at a panel on AI and creativity. 


Flaco will be tasked with adding super powers to creative ideas throughout our offices in Amsterdam, New York and Singapore. We built Flaco in-house, in the form of an owl, to work as a robotic side-kick, imbued with the wisdom known to the owl family as powered by ChatGPT4. Flaco’s custom built mechanical skeleton also includes NVIDIA and Teensy 4.0 circuitry, an edge based computer system, as well as Nodejs and Tensorflow software. Flaco’s creative capabilities are powered by Google Cloud speech recognition, Google text-to-speech, camera tracking and facial recognition.

“AI is impacting the definition of creativity. To better understand and leverage it, we wanted to find out if we could make AI’s impact also more tangible in our day to day creative processes. In our own not boring way of course”, explained Rogier Vijverberg, Chief Creative Hero at SuperHeroes.

“We are fortunate to have a group of thinkers and experimenters on staff who saw an opportunity to create a physical presence with AI properties that could participate as a team member as we take our creative ideas and brainstorming to new realms.”



When asked if an agency really needs an AI Owl, Flaco said “Of course! Who needs human creativity when you can have an AI owl spitting out concepts?” She added that she is “looking forward to being part of the SuperHeroes team.”


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