October 2 | 2018

The Brooklyn Poster Project


SuperHeroes NY wrapped up the Brooklyn Poster Project with a short-term gallery exhibition, complete with opening party on September 13th. The project was born out of SuperHeroes love of local artistry and creative expression, coming to life as an open-call contest to celebrate the work of our talented Brooklyn residents on the back cover of the Red Hook Star-Revue for two consecutive months. After sifting through many submissions, two winners were picked while an additional thirteen were chosen to represent the diversity of submissions at the gallery exhibition.



SuperHeroes accepted submissions exclusively from Brooklyn residents, of non-licensed/non-commercial artwork, using selection criteria including originality, cultural/local point-of-view, backstory, and overall diversity. Partners for the opening event included Parlour Productions, who assisted in documenting the evening, and Asahi Beer USA, Van Brunt Stillhouse Whiskey, and the Red Hook Winery, who provided refreshments.


Turnout for the event was fantastic, with attendance including Brooklyn and wider-NYC locals as well as submitting artists. SuperHeroes NY looks forward to holding similar events in the future.




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