October 1 | 2009

The first

Welcome to the SuperHeroes blog. Yes, we blog too. We opened it partly because we hoped we would exactly be the 200 millionth blog to open. And of course that would generate enormous amounts of free publicity. Which we always like. But unfortunately, nobody has contacted us yet.

Ok, but what are we going to publish here? We haven’t totally planned it, but most importantly, it will be SuperHeroes stuff. You will get a bit of an insight into the projects we deliver, the adventures we experience and the experiments we do. Also we have a pretty good radar of the world of our fellow SuperHeroes.

So that’s just it, welcome to our blog! Hopefully you like it enough to come back every now and then.

n.b. Technorati says we blog for one or more of these reasons. We totally agree.

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