May 5 | 2022

The Mix Masters: Lenovo Yoga Slim kicks off with event in New York

We all know the ingredients of a big product event for tech brands. Big stage, product demos, and lots of data. But that’s too old school, and we’re speaking to a new generation of creators. So we kicked off in Gen Z style with creators Hannah Stocking, Kurt Schneider, Lady Bri, Happy Kelli and many more. 

Meet the Mix Masters

You’re not one thing. You’re a master of blending, an eclectic mixer, a craftsy curator, and so are The Mix Masters. We invited some of our favorite creators to team up and show how the AMD powered Lenovo Yoga Slim can boost all your ambitions, mix your passions, and give you the power and mobility to just be you.

So rather than just listing of all the new Lenovo Yoga Slim’s features, we kicked off a large scale social activation with a fun scale show in New York. 

Live streamed to all social platforms – hosted by Hannah Stocking

To launch the Mix Masters we hosted a great show at Lume Studios, an immersive studio in NY and streamed it live on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Youtube. The event kicked off with a performance by Lady Bri and Kurt Schneider, who remixed her song “Do What I Do” – on the Lenovo Yoga of course. Host Hannah Stocking whipped the live audience into a frenzy for the big reveal, plus interviewed our creative teams of Mix Masters.

A pop culture launch for a new generation of creators

Featuring creative collaborations from today’s hottest creators, live musical performances, beautiful visuals projecting through an immersive studio and a young crowd that kept up the energy, the event was nothing short of a good time with good vibes. The lines were out the door, drinks were flowing, and the music wowed the audience, setting the perfect ambiance for the launch of something that is worth all the hype. 

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