April 18 | 2023

Don’t just target Gen Z, talk to them: SuperHeroes launches The Robins

6 months of intense preparation, research, and over a hundred interviews with candidates, we finally did it! We launched the Robins, a modern day Gen Z panel and collective.

We can only really be relevant with Gen Z if we’re talking with them, so we took action. We assembled a super diverse collective of artists, TikTokers, entrepreneurs, activists, philosophers, designers, and other opinionated young adults. They’ll be the eyes and ears helping build a bridge between brands and the people who love them.


Here are 4 great reasons to talk to the Robins:

#1 – Is This a Thing? 

Find out what’s cool, what’s not. And what is important for them? Robins help evaluate current trends and pop culture in a focus group setting and share their insights and thoughts on what is going on in their lives. 


#2 – Show & Tell

Get a visual journey into Gen Z’s mind and culture. Each Robin applies their creative skills to visualize and capture specific trends or elements of their lifestyle.


#3 – Sorry Not Sorry

You want to test out that new product or campaign idea before launch. Ask the Robins for their unfiltered feedback. Maybe you’ll need a hug after?


#4 – BFF

Maybe you’re not looking for a long term commitment, but just want someone to bounce ideas off of. The Robins can be reached via group chat or a video call, perfect for quick  and spontaneous insight gathering.


Curious about what the Robins can do for your brand? 

The Robins consist of two separate chapters of 30-40 Robins: one with Robins from all over the USA, and one with Robins from all over Europe. They can’t wait to answer your questions.   


Curious about what the Robins can do for your brand? 

For the US, contact Susan Vugts 

For the EU, contact Beatrice Miu

or for more info visit hellorobins.com



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