August 24 | 2023

Saving New York from smelly sidewalks… Introducing the Smell Stopper

New York City: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of… and where it smells horrendous, especially in the summer as the stenches of the city bake and multiply in the heat.

At Superheroes NYC, we decided to put an end to the stink. Gone are the days of holding your nose and sprinting past mysterious odorous patches on the streets of the Big Apple! Introducing the Smell Stopper: an on-the-go nasal inhaler infused with an invigorating blend of refreshing scents to mask out all those WTF big-city-smells.


“It gets so smelly this time of year, we needed to do something. Coming from Amsterdam myself, we know there’s intricate solutions to bringing an end to all the garbage on the streets, but those solutions take time. So it seemed fitting to modify our mission slightly and find a more economical solution to saving New York from smelly streets,” remarked Rogier Vijverberg, the agency’s Chief Creative Hero. 

From pungent trash piles to questionable subway smells, the ‘Smell Stopper’ promises to be your olfactory savior.  “We’re excited to bring the ‘Smell Stopper’ to the city that never sleeps, and we’re confident it will be a breath of fresh air for all.” says Vijverberg.

We’re handing out The Smell Stopper for free on NYC streets. Some will also be available by mail order through our Instagram DM.


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