May 24 | 2019

The Strongest Hospital Gowns



Being hospitalised can be quite scary and intimidating, especially when you’re a young kid that’s battling a disease.


Luckily, new SuperHeroes Fede and Diego (in the true sense of the word!) came to the rescue with a groundbreaking initiative that has made quite the impact: The Strongest Hospital Gowns (original title: Las Batas Más Fuertas). To help children cope, to lift their spirits and get them through tough times, no matter what they’re up against.


The duo, who hail from Spain and Brazil, came up with the inspirational idea to get children out of their dull green hospital gowns and give them their own custom hospital gowns. Made out of football shirts. Clever huh?


Panenka, a Spanish football magazine, made it all happen and their efforts of spreading the word truly paid off – ‘The Strongest Hospital Gowns’ went viral! It has been picked up all around the world. Several football clubs and organisations, such as Adidas, Real Madrid, and the Argentinian Football Association (just to name a few), have made known that they’re eager to join the initiative.


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