May 11 | 2021

We’re inviting brands to woo us in The Client Pitch

Yes, we flipped the script.

Brands want a killer agency to help them stand out, we want great clients.

Introducing the Client Pitch. Maybe the first-ever?  It’s just like a normal pitch, except instead of us pitching our work to them, they pitch their brand to us. 

Why are we doing this? According to this article in Adage, nearly one-third of U.S. brands may be contemplating switching up their ad agency in the next six months. We’re here to help, but there are only so many hours in the day. To prepare for this stampede of brands looking for new homes, we decided to flip the script and create The Client Pitch

How it works

Brands are invited to first submit a quick explanation of why they want to participate. From this list 4 brands will be chosen to pitch their brand. We even created a helpful score sheet to show how we’ll be grading each pitch. 

And yes, of course, there is a pitch fee. For each of the 4 brands that reach the pitch stage, SuperHeroes will make a $500 donation to

Curious brands should act fast. The Client Pitch deadline is set for Tuesday, May 25th. Let’s do it!

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