December 16 | 2020

TikTok isn’t just for dancing, it’s also home to a new type of sitcom

As part of their new #ForAllofUsFridays campaign which aims to bring the magic back to your weekend, Lenovo and Intel are taking TikTok into uncharted creative territory. In a close collaboration of the SuperHeroes team and a number of TikTok stars, we’ve launched the first ever TikTok Sitcom: Almost Home For the Holidays.



Lights. Camera. TikTok!
With a lead role for TikTok #actingchallenge Queen @ElianaGhen, and some other familiar TikTok faces, the Sitcom follows the classic sitcom structure. It also adds the spontaneity and humour that only TikTok can bring.“TikTok is the perfect platform to try something like this, because the audience loves innovative content, and everyone is so open to collaborate and be creative,” says Ghen.

Duet me. You’re the blue line

The story is told over 5 TikTok videos that feature Ghen performing her part of the script along with your lines superimposed on the video. The videos quickly racked up millions of organic views and thousands of duets. The best ones were selected and stitched together to be used in the final cut. “Using TikTok like this is exciting. It’s opening a box full of inspiration, so much enthusiasm, even though people didn’t really know what to expect” says SuperHeroes ECD Rogier Vijverberg.

Premieres on TikTok
The TikTok Sitcom, entitled: “Almost Home for The Holidays” premiered on TikTok November 27th @ElianaGhen. The story follows the adventures of a woman trying to get home for the holidays in spite of new airline safety regulations, a power hungry ticket agent, and an emotional support animal named Sparkles.


Watch the full 3 min Sitcom:


♬ The TikTok Sitcom EPISODE 1

@elianaghen#duet me or someone in the sound and star in the first ever TikTok Sitcom! #actingchallenge #ForAllofUsFridays #fyp♬ The TikTok Sitcom PART 1 – Eliana Ghen


♬ The TikTok Sitcom EPISODE 2

@brodywellmaker##duet with @elianaghen Amber’s after that laptop. Duet for your chance to win! ##forallofusfridays ##TikTokSitcom ##actingchallenge♬ THE TIKTOK SITCOM part 2 – Eliana Ghen


♬ The TikTok Sitcom EPISODE 3

@kallmekris##duet with @elianaghen Duet this and be my emotional support animal😆 ##ForAllOfUsFriday ##TiktokSitcom ##actingchallenge ##fyp♬ The TikTok Sitcom EPISODE 3 – Eliana Ghen


♬ The TikTok Sitcom EPISODE 4

@tiktokbrownchick##duet with @brodywellmaker ##greenscreen duet us! ##forallofusfridays ##TikTokSitcom ##Duet ##actingchallenge♬ The TikTok Sitcom EPISODE 4 – Eliana Ghen


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