August 4 | 2023

Topps celebrates card collectors

There’s a trading card category for every type of fan. To promote International Trading Card Day 2023th, Topps (part of Fanatics Collectibles) and SuperHeroes NYC are launching a US nationwide campaign that celebrates hobby shops and the collectors who love them.

At the core of the campaign is research that identified over 27 (!) different types of card collectors. We selected three actual card collectors for the campaign, to showcase the culture of card collectors beyond the more well-known types of cards.   





“This new campaign is representative of a growing trend to hyper-target distinct communities and individuals,” explained Rogier Vijverberg, founder and chief creative hero at SuperHeroes. “There is a wide-ranging array of individuals who are devoted collectors of trading cards of all types and this work celebrates what drives their collections.”

The campaign can be found on social channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The campaign also includes a physical tool kit for Hobby Shop owners that provides social content for them to utilize to promote International Trading Card Day, an event created to celebrate hobby shops. Even in today’s digital age, hobby shops are instrumental to those who collect trading cards. On International Trading Card Topps is giving away a pack of cards across the US for collectors to pick up. More information on International Trading Card Day can be found here




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