February 22 | 2022

Topps tags SuperHeroes NY for campaign targeting the next generation of collectors

Woohoo! Topps awards SuperHeroes NY with their 2022 brand campaign. We’re excited. Like…pulling-a-Mike-Trout-Topps-Chrome-rookie-card excited. Topps is of course famous for baseball cards, but having been around for 70 years they’ve expanded their collection with new categories like Formula 1, soccer, and OTE basketball.

This is where they need SuperHeroes to swing big, and make their other collections famous with the next generation of card collectors. Younger sports fans, casual collectors, moms and dads looking to revisit their nostalgia with their kids. As an independent boutique agency specializing in modernizing brands for younger generations, we can’t wait to apply our fresh insights and creativity.

Mark your calendars, we’re building a range of activations and social content that goes live in March 2022.

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