May 21 | 2015

Type to Design

Sometimes you stumble upon something you can’t wait to pick up yourself. So we proudly present

Creating a new typeface is one of the most difficult and rewarding disciplines in a designer’s world. Our designers were really excited by the #36daysoftype challenge on Instagram, and wanted to highlight the thousands of kick-ass designs that were submitted. The project invited designers and artists to unleash their creativity and create letters and numbers in a unique way and upload them to Instagram.

The idea was to create a tool that creates a randomly generated font from the #36daysoftype characters. Simply type in your text and design your own little art piece with letters picked from the challenge. Type it, design it, hang it on your wall.

Easy come, easy go :).

Big thanks to our heroes Ola, Chris, Krister and Vilhelm, and not to forget our innovation unit Super Powered!



**UPDATE**  We’ve taken over the web… , ,

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