December 1 | 2015

“Useless is Awesome” at the Eurobest Festival


in Antwerp.


His talk? How useless is very very awesome. While innovation is now such a big buzz word, it’s everywhere. In this speedy race to renewal, a lot of useless things are being created. And that’s awesome. Because you need the useless to define what is valuable.


So what can we learn from the useless? What makes a tech idea awesome? And how do people instinctively feel that something is right? SuperHeroes knows. Saving the world from anything that is boring, it adds humanity to innovation.


The talk looks at both the questionable innovations (do we really need a phone cover that also serves as a hairbrush?) and the serious innovations to determine what factors make an innovation a fail or a win. Rogier is going to give the people a realistic perception of what is out there, and how we can work together to create meaningful innovations.


December 1st, 17hrs, Inspiration Stage, Eurobest Festival of Creativity, Antwerp.

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