September 29 | 2021

Hold on to your coconuts! SuperHeroes NY wins Vita Coco retail pitch


Vita Coco and SuperHeroes. It’s the dream matchup the whole world has been waiting for.

Well, at least we have.

It’s hard to believe that this is the first time SuperHeroes NY and Vita Coco have worked together because we have so much in common. Both have an irreverent and cheeky style, neither is afraid to take risks and shake things up, and each has a laser-lock focus on finding fresh insights to connect with pop culture and GenZ.

Vita Coco is the most trusted coconut water brand with a loyal fanbase, a playful style, and a serious commitment to giving back to their communities, like with the Vita Coco Project. We love to work with brands that do good ;).

SuperHeroes NY’s recent retail pitch win is set to include a lot of tasty new work that will surprise and delight and drive shoppers in-store. We can’t wait to get started! Keep an eye out in early 2022 for a whole lotta fresh coconut-themed work.

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