February 16 | 2016

Walking the walk, with Easywalker


We’d like to introduce our new client with a warm welcome: Easywalker.A company well on their way to becoming world’s most innovative stroller and buggy brand.


Following a successful pitch we’ve been selected to work as Easywalker’s brand new comms agency. Nicolaas Bloemer, managing director at Easywalker cited our “comprehensive approach and international creative spirit” as the means to help achieve Easywalker’s goals for the future.


Easywalker strollers and buggies are available in over 40 countries across the globe and the brand doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Easywalker is striving to become the world’s most innovative stroller and buggy brand. In line with our philosophy that smart creative and continuous collaboration will outperform media buys, we’ll be revamping many of their communications efforts.


We will be front and center in the process of introducing Easywalker’s new products scheduled for release this year. Check out our social media channels for all the exciting developments to be announced soon!



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