February 20 | 2020

Warming up New York

On a brisk winter’s day in Brooklyn, strangers actually stopped on the sidewalk to have a conversation. This might seem like science fiction In a city that famously ‘ain’t got time for that’, but that’s the power of “The Hand Warmenizer”, a hot new project from SuperHeroes NYC and artist George Barratt-Jones. 

As the name suggests, the chest high installation invites people to stick their chilly hands inside a heated box for a soothing blast of warm air.  The project was also a bit of a social experiment. Accommodating up to 6 people, the design ensures that participants are facing each other during their warm up. And with their phones out of reach the only thing left to do is you know…talk. 

Saving the world & bringing people together

Our founder/ ECD Rogier Vijverberg: ‘Apart from our client work we love doing side projects. In this project, the goal is to bring people together, and have them talk to each other. We created this installation together with artist George Barratt-Jones, who is known for bringing happiness to public environments. Isn’t that what our industry should be all about?’ 

It’s a small, fun but functional city object and true attention grabber. Wouldn’t you like to see one of these on every street corner?


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