April 4 | 2016

Rules don’t rule anymore


Kinki is an iconic brand. For 30 years they’ve created hair cuts for independent people – frontrunning every possible trend. Today we’ve launched a new campaign celebrating the brand, underlining it with a clear statement: if you can’t accept others being different, deal with it.


The campaign is a stage for all those authentic people out there as well as a showcase for Kinki’s expertise in hair fashion. The rebellious attitude completely fits the Kinki state of mind. There are no rules, laws or borders. It’s your decision who you choose to be and if haters comment, then here’s your reply: ‘Deal with it’.



The film is directed by the young Swedish filmmaker Maceo Frost (25) represented by the Amsterdam based production agency Revolver. Maceo gained experience in creating documentaries, short films and music videos around dancers and dance collectives. His talented eye for light and movement is reflected in his work for Kinki.


Niek Eijsbouts, creative director of SuperHeroes Amsterdam: “Nowadays a lot of fashion brands tell us to be ourselves, to be independent, so we wanted Kinki to continue to stand out as it’s renowned for being rebellious. With ‘Deal With It’, the hair salon chain has the guts to silence those who still put people in boxes.” 


Our close friends at GreatQuestion! made sure the PR and social roll-out went as smooth as getting a color rinse.


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