November 12 | 2014

We’re one of the coolest offices in the world!

Recently the renowned Inc. has listed our SuperHeroes office among the 30 coolest in the world. But, the place where we hang our capes is more than just an office. We call it our hideout.

Having made the cut and the bragging rights that come with it, we thought this would be a great time to expand on what actually went into making our hideout. Upon starting we devised a few pillars supporting what we wanted to achieve.

First off we wanted our office to be a very open space so everyone could communicate without any doors blocking anyone off. Second, we wanted everything to be not just recyclable but cradle to cradle as well. Thats why many of the furnishings are made from recycled wood panels and are held together by pegs rather than screws. This way we can easily move the operation around, and everything remains pleasantly biodegradable. Finally we tried to make room for as much greenery as possible to ample provide oxygen for our heroes.


Our superhero lama is by far the most famous fixture of our space but everyone who works here has a different thing they love about the hideout.


The swing is very dear to us but, it continues to be a polarizing feature of the hideout. Lauded by some as a great place for phone calls, it inspires maternal feelings of concern in others.


We get a lot of light in here, and being Amsterdam there’s always cool stuff happening down on the street.


Not pictured are the many man-hours that have been lost on the table tennis table in the back settling many a grudge match. By the way, our three meeting rooms are named Rock, Paper and Scissors.

There is more to this big open space than meets the eye at first. But a secret hideout it doesn’t give up all the secrets hidden in its corners and secret rooms willingly. Unfortunately we can’t confirm or deny any rumors regarding the existence of the hideout’s innermost sanctum, the executive bathroom. If you’re still itching to explore every nook and cranny of our hideout, you can always stop by and enjoy a coffee whilst looking for the secret passageways and pressing on the inconspicuous looking book or two.

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