July 16 | 2018

What Gen Z thinks of your brand

Last Thursday we organized our fifth edition of HOLLA, our ongoing series of events in which we x-ray today’s hottest communication phenomena, cultures, and trends. This edition: “What teenagers really think about your brand”. During this evening we discussed tech topics and its influence on the lives of young people.


We invited a special Gen Z panel to thin-slice known marketing tools and if they’re still hot or not. Our very own Director of Strategy Jessica Perri and Creative Director Niek Eijsbouts moderated the live debate with the panel and our audience of clients and industry professionals.




On our Gen Z couch were Isabelle Oud, a freelance illustrator and one of the biggest change agents of The Next Web 500. Dennis Voorn, a YouTube Channel Manager at Spinnin’ Records and Operations and Commerce Manager at Scalelab, a digital talent network. And Tim van der Wiel, co-founder and Creative Director of GoSpooky, a creative agency and software platform, born on Snapchat.


The evening was packed with strategy insights and discussions about what really moves teenagers. And yes, we even dropped some buzzwords like “native advertising”, “Influencer Power” and “co-creation”. Oh la laaa!


Stay tuned for our next HOLLA!







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