June 18 | 2018

Behind the scenes with Eurojackpot

What does it take to win the lottery? Forget superstitions or lucky numbers, according to our latest Eurojackpot campaign, grabbing that big prize is all about having the winning attitude. Kicking off the 360 brand campaign is the delightfully epic film that encourages you to stop dreaming and start doing, because life is just one big jackpot, and it’s time to cash in. Directed by Nicolas Randall with special effects by Therapy Studios and sound by Squeaky Clean, the absurdly epic commercial is loaded with stunts, fun, and of course… winning.



Shot in the sprawling Mojave desert, just up the road from the famous “Kill Bill church”, the sunrise to sunset shoot was not without its challenges, and not just the lousy WiFi, or lack of facilities.





The biggest ‘oh shit’ moment came after motorcycle broke down right before the big ramp stunt.  Believe it or not, the motorcycle didn’t have a driveshaft when it hit the ramp… 



Big props to the crew and the combined SuperHeroes AMS/NY team who were able to help bring the film to life on such a tight timeline!

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